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Seven Financial Resolutions for 2021

The wait is finally over and it is 2021. The year brings with it a new dawn to our lives after what has been a very uncertain, challenging year. New hopes, new beginnings and new opportunities beckon us this year. The past year taught us many valuable lessons and this is why this new year is different.

Time to Reset Your Financial Plan

The title Budhha, meaning ‘Awakened One’ or the ‘Enlightened One’, was bestowed on Gautama as he taught from his insights into ‘dukhha’ (suffering) and the end of same, by achieving a state of ‘nirvana’. Buddha, in turn, is derived from the words “buddhi” which literally means ‘intellect’, ‘intelligence’ or ‘wisdom’. It would be wise as investors if we also learn from this wisdom and apply them to in our lives as we walk the small path of our own financial independence or nirvana.

Let you money work for you, even when you arent!

A Smart Loan Solution and Investing in Turbulent Times

These are COVID times. A lot of investors may be facing financial constraints due to obvious reasons. Many investors wanting to make purchases may have delayed the same or maybe finding it difficult to arrange for finance. People though reservations on taking fresh personal loans on their books in theseRead More

Becoming Atmanirbhar in Personal Finance

Every decent business setup seeks guidance from experts such a chartered accountant, company secretary and legal advisor. Many businessmen make the mistake of treating your accountant as also your personal finance and insurance advisor. We need to understand that these are different domains and require different skill sets and expertise.

Declutter What you need to do for everything, including finance.

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